Thursday, September 15, 2011

My "Little" Preschooler

Andrew started preschool this week - two mornings (3 hours each) per week.  Today was his second day.  This is his first experience with any on-going time away from me.  He'd been to drop-in day care a handful of times last year, and this past summer he did 2 weeks of  "summer enrichment" classes.   But now, he gets to go for the whole school year!  And let me tell ya - he is READY!  He's been so sad that he doesn't get to go to school, or ride the bus, with James, but when I remind he gets to go to his own school, he perks right up!  And when I drop him off, he barely even stops what he's doing to say good bye.

So here he is on Tuesday morning, all set to go!

Washing his hands when we got to school:

He immediately went for the cars they had set out:

And playing well with another little boy:

This is the same preschool James went to for 3 years.  I'm actually a little sad that Andrew will only get to go for two (James "missed" the cutoff for kindergarten when he was 5, so he did preK here as well).  We absolutely love this school, which is run by a church but is not a religious education.  Andrew is doing quite well there so far - even seems to be listening to the teachers and sitting for circle time!  So, I guess our little boy really is growing up.  And on that note, I will leave you with the BRILLIANT knock-knock joke he told me yesterday!

Knock, Knock!
Who's there?
Banana who?
(at which time he proceeded to giggle with delight at his own humor! don't you just LOVE 3 year-olds?  I certainly do!)

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