Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Little One

Someone enjoyed his breakfast the other day.

And yes, he also needs a haircut!  But that won't happen as I had planned today, since he is not feeling well. After having some tummy troubles yesterday - and being extra snuggly and cuddly, which I can't say I minded one bit! - he now has a cold.  So we'll save the trip to Snip-Its for next week.  Since we are supposed to get even MORE SNOW tomorrow! When is Spring???

Friday, January 14, 2011

snow dayS

Remember in my last post, how I said I was not so fond of winter?  Well, I think mother nature was laughing at me this week.

The view from our back door Wednesday morning.

Depending on which source you consulted, we got somewhere between 19 and 22 inches in less than 24 hours. School was canceled for 2 days (and almost a third!).  The boys of course love it.  And I must admit, watching them maneuver through snow up their waists in some spots is pretty funny.

But really, I'm done. So Mother Nature - I respect you and all of your power. But please, have pity on me.  Give us a few moderate snow storms to keep the plowers in business, but no more of this crazy blizzard nonsense for the rest of the season.  We get the point.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Weekend

It's winter.  To be honest...I hate winter, for the most part.  I don't like being cold, and I don't like dealing with snow.  But I live in New England and can't see myself living anywhere else.  I love having four distinct seasons, my favorite being fall.  The cool air and beautiful colors get me every year.  But back to right now and winter.  During the week, I can not avoid "dealing with" winter.  I must get out there to bring JT to preK, or supervise playing in the snow, or run errands, etc. - you know the drill.  But on weekends, since my dear hubby JC is home during the day and does his share of "Dad duty", I can barricade myself inside on Friday afternoon and not step foot outside again until Monday morning.  I try not to do that too often, but this weekend that was pretty much the story.  So how did I fill my time?

I made Ricotta and Mozzarella cheese for the second time in my life.

Steaming hot Ricotta, draining the whey off.
I allowed the destruction of many poor, little green pigs by some birds with attitude.
JT playing "Angry Birds" on my iPod Touch.
I made some lasagna with the above-mentioned cheeses, as well some homemade sauce.
Wish I had left more mozzarella cheese to put on top, but it was still yummy.

And I did a little laundry (though it still needs to be folded!), washed a few dishes, did general "Mom" type stuff, and may have spent too much time a little bit of time on facebook .

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Things I've Learned

On the top of the list?  I'm a terrible blogger!  I just can't seem to keep at it.  Part of the problem is that I think up these "great" posts in my head, but when I type them out they seem pretty lame.  Or by the time I CAN type them out I forget what my supposed great idea was.  But who knows...maybe the new year will mean new things for me and blogging.  Though I doubt it.

But on to the real point of this post - Some things I've learned as a parent.  I became a Mom just over 5 years ago.  And I have gained much wisdom since that day.  Wisdom that I will share with you, should there be any of "you" left!

The two most exciting things in a little boy's life are Grandparents...and the garbage truck! (Sorry to lump you in with garbage grandparents, but at least I listed you first!).

The word "butt" is absolutely the most hysterical word in the English language.  There is nothing you, as a parent, can do to stop your child from saying it once he has figured out the inherent humor.  Accept it and move on!

You can in fact be feeling completely flustered, flummoxed, and frazzled at your child's horrid behavior one moment, and the next laughing so hard you're crying because he just did the funniest thing you've ever seen.

You can never take too many pictures of your sweet cherubs.  Every single shift in expression must be recorded for posterity's sake!

A plain cardboard box will in fact be one of your child's most prized possessions.

There WILL be seemingly trivial moments when you look at your child and feel overwhelmed with love for them.  Even a simple moment like sitting on the floor, flipping through a book.

There WILL be moments when you wish you could run from your house screaming like a mad woman, leaving someone else to deal with your demonic spawns  children.

The worst childhood illnesses always happen in the middle of the night.  Thank goodness for 24 hour pharmacies!

Once you have children, you will think wistfully back to a time when you could go out for a night on the town, or even away for the weekend, on a moment's notice.  Even if you never actually did that before you had children. Ahem.

No matter how bad "it" is, there is someone else going through "it" too.  Google'll find a website, forum or article that deals with "it".  The internet makes the world a very small place -you're never alone.

When you have more than one child, you may very well have to do things very differently with the 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, 5th,  or 20th) than you did with the first.  For instance, just because child #1 slept through the night at 5 weeks, and would fall asleep on his own at 5 months, does not mean your other child(ren) will.  Not that I know from experience or anything.  (where's that sarcasm font when you need it?)

As soon as you pick up the phone, your children will deem that "make as much noise as humanly possible" time.  And they will insist on talking to whomever it is on the other end, before they know who it is, or whether they know them or not.

You will never appreciate quiet as much as you do when you have children.  And I suspect that empty-nesters will tell me that you never appreciate a noisy house until those same children are grown up and on their own.

There are times when you will think your child cannot possibly eat any more food.  Yet five minutes (or less) later you will once again hear "Mommy, I'm still hungry."

Finally, for now, because I have to feed a couple of hungry boys, always have a sense of humor about things. Because more than likely, whatever it is that's getting you riled up at the moment won't matter in a few years, or even a few days.

Now, if I could only remember to apply all of this wonderful wisdom I've attained.