Friday, September 9, 2011

I've Been Wondering...

From time to time, when I'm doing a mindless or tedious task such as loading the dishwasher, my mind begins to wander and I come up with some very deep and important questions about life.  Here are some recent ones.

Why does the word vacuum have two u's?  Why isn't it spelled vacume?

Why won't the freezer pack for the snack size container I bought for James' lunch box freeze, yet the sandwich size one freezes no problem?

Back in primitive times, what did pregnant women crave?  There was no chocolate, or salty chips, or pickles and ice cream.  Did they crave berries? Raw meat?  Leaves? (Smart alecs need not comment on this one. It is not a hint about anything!)

Why must so many foods that taste good be so bad for you?

Why is the sky blue? (Sorry...I have young children and have been asked this question.  I just had to throw it in there)

Why are kids so fascinated with water?  I know that very young children are pretty much fascinated by anything, but water is one they continue to love. Any one with kids and a water table knows what I'm talking about!

Why did I wait until I had children to start drinking that magic elixir known as coffee?

When will I get to stop buying diapers?  (note to those who know me...if Andrew has the same problem as James, just go ahead an book me a room at a psychiatric institution)

Is there a cookbook buyers anonymous?

Why are some people naturally organized at home, while I am...well....NOT?

Why is Andrew always the kid that gets the dirtiest?

Why are our kids ready to grow up so much sooner than we are ready to admit it?

How do I get rid of that border around the picture?

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Wisconsin Mommy said...

If you are comfortable doing a little coding, you can remove the border by following the directions here:

I actually like the border!