Monday, April 4, 2011


Not of the biblical kind though.  More of the parental kind.

Saturday, I needed a little "me time" so I took myself to lunch.  The diner I chose just happened to be near our branch of the MSPCA, so I just HAD to stop in.  Because I'm that type of person.  We used to have two kitties, but they passed away in 2008 and 2009, and we have not replaced them because of the children.  Well, because of one certain precocious child in particular. But I really miss having kitties, and hope to add a couple to our home SOON.  But that certain precocious child is still precocious, and I think it will take time to find just the right kitties.  The MSPCA (and I imagine othe shelters as well) have info cards on the animals, so you can see their history (if known) and disposition.  One of the items of concern is whether or not they are good with children.  99% of the time, "babies and toddlers" is not checked off or says NO in big fat letters. Often with and exclamation point as well!  Hence why it will most likely be some time before we are able to adopt a pair.  But  most of the time "older children" IS checked off or has a YES next to it.  The category in between is what led to my revelation.  "School Aged Children".  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  I was skipping over those as well (OK, I wasn't skipping over them, I oohed and aahed over each and every kitty!), until it hit me.  Had JT been born 14 days earlier, or if we lived in another state, he WOULD be school aged!  Heck, we just registered him for kindergarten the other day, so maybe that makes him "school-aged" already.

So, can someone please tell me how this sweet little baby boy weighing 7 lbs 14 oz and measuring 21.5 inches

is now this big boy that weighs about 50 lbs and is at least 48 inches?????