Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"I Had a Great Day Today"

So today was the day - James' first day of kindergarten!  Can you see the slight bit of anticipation and excitement in his face as we waited for the bus? (It was raining...BOOOO...so we took the car instead of walking the short distance to the bus stop)

 He was so excited he left his back pack in the car when the bus arrived (thankfully, Mom here was actually with it enough to notice).  Here he is as we said goodbye just before the door closed.  His bus driver's  name is Herb...I liked him immediately. 

While I thought for sure I'd be bawling my eyes out the minute he hopped on that bus, it didn't happen.  He was so excited and happy, I couldn't help but be just as excited and happy as he was.  And then when I got back in the car I had to soothe poor Andrew, who was quite sad the he did not get to go on the bus nor go to school.  But after some reassurance that he will go to school soon too (preschool 2 mornings per week starting next week) he calmed down pretty quickly.  Then we drove to Dunkin Donuts so I could get a giant coffee, and the tears (mine) came just about as I turned into the parking lot.  But they weren't so bad.  No bloodshot eyes, puffy eyelids, or stuffy nose to be seen.  But wow...my first born is now a kindergartner!

After I got my caffeine fix, we had to head to the orthopaedic surgeon's office so I could get my stitches out.There was an accident on the highway going the other direction, but it still messed up my route.  So we had to go the back roads, but I got there just in the nick of time....to wait.  See, I wasn't the only one that got stuck in traffic. Ah well, these things happen.  Stitches are out, wrist is functioning well for one week post-op, and I go back in October for another follow up with the surgeon himself (today was with a PA). Then I will schedule surgery on my right wrist - woohoo!

The rest of the day was spent wondering just how much anxiety is normal for a mother on her oldest child's first day of Kindergarten.  Should I really have butterflies in my stomach all day?  I also managed to convince Andrew to give me a few extra hugs by pouting my bottom lip.  We played together a bit but he seemed to want to play by himself mostly today.

At 3:00, we got our jackets on and walked up the street to the bus stop.  And waited a solid 20 minutes for the bus to arrive.  I knew that is about when it would arrive since school doesn't even get out until 3:00, but you have to allow for extra time when dealing with a stubborn 3 year old!  Today he was cooperative though, so we were early and waited.  When the bus finally arrived we greeted James at the door (school rules..kindergartners must have a parent/older sibling there in order to get off the bus).  His first words, even before "hi" were "I had a great day today!" and they were accompanied by his huge grin I love!  You can't ask for more than that as a parent, can you?

When we arrived home, he immediately wanted to play angry birds on my ipod.  But I insisted that he actually talk to me first!  And then he just could not stop!  He had so much to tell me, I can't remember it all and it's not even been 2 hours yet.  Highlights include: chocolate milk at lunch (no more chocolate pudding with his lunch!), seeing a couple of kids he already knew at recess and on the way to the library, and having a cubby with his own supplies that include a box of crayons and pair of scissors. He seemed slightly disappointed that during free time they have to choose a station and stick with it (at least that's how I interpreted his lightening fast chatter). BUT..they did get to use two toys, so I guess that made it all OK.

It is so exciting to go through this journey with him.  Though as many parents feel, I'm also a little sad that he is growing up so fast and I won't be there for as much of his life as I used to be.  For now, I will send him off to school in the morning with anticipation, and anxiously await his arrival home to hear all he has to tell of his adventures that day.

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You can see it in his smile! How awesome!